We still assume the size of a seed, but we dream of growing as strong as an oak

We want to build a community capable of seeing the natural world as something that is part of us and from which we cannot continue to distance ourselves.


Never too small to make
a difference

Assuming that even the smallest insect is essential for the balance of ecosystems, we too can play a differentiating role in preserving the environment.


Living monuments

We think it is time to recognize plants as rockstars that they are. In fact, they give us so much! They work daily for a better life, more clean air, less pollution and let's face it, they give us incredible landscapes. In addition to being the home of so many living beings, who, like us, want comfort and protection.

Help us growing

We need you. Yes, from you. We want to continue to grow and we are aware that we need to go through many life cycles to reach our adult form. Give us your opinion on what we can improve.

Muito obrigado! A tua ajuda é essencial para o nosso crescimento.
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